LIS 5937 Information Architecture

Well, the break from my summer semester is over and I am back in class taking Information Architecture. I will be posting a weekly “journal” here covering weekly reading assignments and other topics. The books we are using for this course are:

Borgman, A. (2000). Holding onto reality: The nature of information at the turn of the millennium.

Burnett, R., Marshall, D. (2003). Web theory. Routledge.

Rosenfeld, L. & Morville, P. (2005). Information architecture for the world wide web, 3rd. ed. NY: O’Reilly

I am really looking forward to this class because I don’t have a lot of experience in this subject matter but do understand the frustration of folks trying to find information. There is so much information available now via the Internet and some websites are fantastic (you can find what you are looking for easily) but many are not. As a future librarian, I will need to help folks navigate both the good and bad sites while they seek information. If I have a better understanding of both good web design and good information architecture, I can help to make the library’s websites better and help others navigate successfully.