Well it has been two months since I have graduated and of course the economy is not the best one for searching for new jobs. Luckily I am gainfully employed at a community college library where I manage the interlibrary loans and the print periodicals. I also am the circulation desk staff member and answer reference questions. All of this is wonderful experience. However, I notice that some job applications specify “professional” experience rather than just experience. Technically the position I have now does not require the MLIS degree so technically I am not in a professional position. So in spite of having the degree now and working in an academic library, I guess technically I cannot claim my experience as “professional”. Ah the joys of trying to fit one’s experience into the application mold.

Other than not finding many jobs to apply for, library life is going well. The number of interlibrary loans we processed last month was up (the levels have been steadily rising since I started back in 2006), and I have already pulled the magazines we bind so I am ahead of schedule. I am hoping that maybe some evenings if it is slow I can talk one of the librarians into letting me help with the cataloging.

Well, that is pretty much it for a brief update on the wandering librarian. I am also taking a watercolor class to occupy some of my time that was formerly taken up by writing papers and reading library school texts. It is nice to get back into the creative mode occasionally.