(Wanderings of a newly minted librarian continued)

Last week I had the great pleasure of helping a very enthusiastic student. This student was trying to do some research for a paper and wasn’t sure how to find scholarly or peer reviewed journal articles in the on line databases. I walked him through the process showing him a couple of different databases and some of the options they offer to narrow down search parameters. I also showed him some useful hints for properly citing sources.  Really, I just did what pretty much any reference librarian would if they had someone who wanted to learn (i.e. wasn’t in a huge hurry). This experience confirmed my desire to be a librarian and was just one of those interactions which bring a smile to the face. The student was very grateful and now has the tools to complete not just this project, but future research as well, and I got a warm fuzzy feeling of helping out a fellow human and making a difference to someone.

The story doesn’t stop there however.  The next day the grateful student went to the library website and found the contact information for the Assistant Director (my boss) and sent him a wonderful email mentioning my service and how impressed he was. Wow! It really can’t get much better. It isn’t often that someone takes the time to write (even if it is email) and to have this happen after such a wonderful reference session just made my day (and probably month and year). What a nice week.