The Face in the Frost by John Bellairs

Bellairs, J. (1969). The face in the frost. London: Macmillan Company.

The Face in the Frost is one of Bellairs’ works for adults (as opposed to his children’s and YA –young adult literature) It features two friends who are wizards (Prospero and Roger Bacon) who live in a land with the North Kingdom and the South Kingdom. Strange things start happening to Prospero while Roger is visiting (strange shadows, creatures creeping out of the night to get him, etc.). They figure out that a wizard Prospero once had as a classmate, Melichus, is trying to bring destruction to the land and kill Prospero since he is the only one who can stop Melichus. Prospero and Roger start on a quest to find Melichus and stop him but are separated in the process. We follow along with Prospero on his supernatural quest as he is attacked and frightened by too many creatures and things to mention. Of course in the end he reunites with Roger for a while and they find Melichus. Then again they are separated while Prospero is transported to another world with Melichus on his trail trying to kill him. Fortunately all ends well. I won’t tell you the ending or more of the plot because it is something that really must be read for oneself. This is Edgar Allen Poe with humor and wonderful illustrations by Marilyn Fitschen. Enjoy!