The Sorceress by Michael Scott

Scott, M. (2009). The sorceress. New York: Delacorte Press.

The Sorceress is the third book in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series (book one was The Alchymist, and book two was The Magician). The main storyline is that Nicholas Flamel and his wife Perenelle (the Alchemyst and the Sorceress) are guardians of a magic book which makes them immortal and has magical spells that could destroy the world or make it a paradise. One of the spells will bring the Dark Elders (god-like beings who roamed the world before the humani came into being) back from the shadow realms and allow them to take over, possibly subjecting humani to slavery or eating them. Some immortals such as Dr. John Dee and Machiavelli (among many others) work for the Elders and are trying to steal the book and allow the Elders to return. Prophesy has it that the twins of legend (a boy with a solid gold aura and a girl with a solid silver aura) have the power to save the world (or destroy it). The Flamels have been searching for the twins for centuries and have finally found them in the form of two 21st century kids, Sophie and Josh Newman. In book one the twins discover a whole new world they had never expected—one of gods and legends and fantastical creatures. They begin to be trained in magic and are chased across countries by Dee and his henchmen. Dee has stolen the magic book except Josh tore the last pages away. Dee needs the last pages to allow the Elders to return. Book Three finds Nicolas Flamel and the twins fleeing Paris and entering London with Dee on their heels. Meanwhile Perenelle is trapped on Alcatraz battling with the Sphinx, neriads, the Old Man of the Sea, The Morrigan, and Billy the Kid among others.

Michael Scott is a scholar of mythology and this series is a wonderful blend of myths and legends with modern day technology. A wonderful read.